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  • ""La forma de pensar de las noches, no sirve de nada en las mañanas"."
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    An activist from the International Solidarity Movement blocks IDF soldiers from shooting at protesting Palestinians in Gaza, saying “You’re shooting at kids, don’t you understand that? Just pull back!

    Guys. This is a woman grappling with an armed soldier wearing nothing but a jacket.

    I think we need to know her name.

    Diana Prince 

    this is why I wanted to be a war journalist. how powerful is this segment. why did it not make it on the news?

    Because Western/US media supports Israel’s war crimes, just as the US funds and arms Israel’s ethnocidal regime.

    In case anyone else is like me and didn’t get the Diana Prince joke at first and was super confused (Wonder Woman) and is curious to know who she is, she appears to be Huwaida Arraf (first link to her Twitter, second to her Wikipedia page).

    thank you for the links and correct info, leggy

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